Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hooray! Back online!

Would you believe I've reset my password about 7 times? Seems I have too many passwords and this one just isn't sticking in my mind!

Sooooo much has happened in the last couple of weeks. My good friend Paul has set off on his epic trek to Everest Base Camp and believe it or not, ran into an old friend up there....I swear he knows everyone, but he's also one of those really awesome people that everyone likes to know and be around. The blogs of their trek are being updated daily and you can either follow them on facebook by liking Inspired Adventures or by going to:

Our Charity Dinner plans are progressing well. The websites to book tickets are
Attending Guests
Virtual Guests

Early Bird price is $165 and the Virtual Tickets are $20. Virtual tickets are for those that can’t make it on the night. They can buy a virtual ticket for them, their pets, in memory of someone or to show support for someone currently fighting cancer.  People who are attending the dinner will be able to purchase a virtual guest to accompany them for the evening (for a gold coin donation) and then if their virtual guest’s name is randomly drawn, they will both win a prize.  It should be fun and I’m really excited about that part of the evening.

The First Aid Kit fundraiser has gone well too – we’ve earned just over $600 now in profit to go towards paying deposits etc for the dinner. Our work social club has agreed to focus one of the happy hours on helping us fundraise too which is great – for a hand full of people they do quite a lot!

Things we have coming up....hitting the trails around the Blue Mountains and the NSW Snow Fields/Mt Kosciusko; Relay for Life – where we plan to walk 50km together; and, a photo comp (identify your SES) along with a Finance Vs Environment Bake Off! So much to organise, but first thing is the Day of Inspiration which I’ll head to Sydney for tomorrow and then spend Wednesday listening to amazing people share their insights on finding motivation etc. Should be an awesome day!

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